Our Approach

Our Approach

Our goal is to represent the music of Santana, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, CCR, The Who, Crosby, Stills & Nash, The Band, Jimi Hendrix & more..

Our Story

Our Story

We are channelling our inner Hippie, to bring you an authentic, fun, energetic Woodstock Experience.

Meet Us Katz



Lead Vocals & Percussion

BIO: Kerri Shannon is 27 years old and a hippie child to her core, she really connects to this project the 60s had such great music that told a story, and was actually about something whether it be the political views of someone, to just the way they felt at the time. Plus the singing back than was so powerful it’s so nice to hear women singers giving it there all. This is why She is so excited to be going back to Woodstock.



Lead Vocals, Percussion, Sax, & Harmonica




Guitar & Vocals

BIO: I really dig this project and the songs as it reminds me of being a kid with my family pulling our tent trailer. Playing on the 8-track were many of these tunes. The musicianship of the players backing some of the "stars" in these bands is just stunning; its all about the pure craft and the interactions of musicians doing what they love. We have assembled a killer group of musicians for My Generation, who can really do this wonderful music justice. My main personal guitar influence is definitely David Gilmour!



Keyboards &  Vocals

BIO: The best part about being in My Generation for Graham is working with the amazing talent of his bandmates and performing the incredible music of an era that lives on to this day! Professional performer and songwriter with 25 years of experience in the music business, Groovy G has a Diploma in music studies at VIU Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Pianist. He has toured across Canada in numerous bands that played Rock, Country and Blues. Deeply influenced by the bands and music of the 1960’s and 70’s and considers Greg Rolie, Jon Lord and Elton John to be among Graham's favourite keyboardists.




Drums & Percussion

BIO: I began playing drums at age 12 in school band, Kiss Destroyer was the big lure at that age. Hard rock was my go to for many years Returning to Courtenay after half decade of weekly gigs on the road I joined The Valiants and began branching out into other music styles  The Whistle stop jam for 15 years every Sunday. I also play in Steelhead now in our 13th year rocking covers up and down the Island and Time Well Wasted a full out RnB band. I have had the  privilege of openning  for likes of Cheap Trick, Colin James and Lee Aaron. I also have been recording with Sue Medley. I current pay Noble and Cooley drums, which to me are the best around!




Bass & Vocals

BIO: As a bassist,I have always been drawn to the rhythms and grooves of a song. One aspect of music I have always loved is the chance to just openly jam with others and improv. When I was asked to team up with The My Generation musicians I felt this was a great group of musicians to explore these passions of music I enjoy. The era of this music is also a challenge as it was a changing and melding of many genres of music,styles and grooves.